Writing code for a webpage

So I’ve finally upgraded my cs5 to the new cs6 master suite. My cousin suggested using the dreamweaver program to create my webpage design. The thing is, I haven’t done any HTML coding or CSS pages in years…like over 10 years so I am getting a bit frustrated with it. Although there isn’t any urgency with launching my page in perfect condition, I wish I was more competent with writing the codes. Lol My site is currently using a very generic free page design that was provided by my hosting service. I like how cheerful the colors are but I am more than likely going to depart from that look to a cleaner and simple design. I love how dark backgrounds make photos pop so I will use dark greys and blacks for my future design. If anyone has tips or tricks for web design feel free to leave a comment. I appreciate any feedback! 😀



One thought on “Writing code for a webpage

  1. I can’t wait to see what you come up with for the design Ami! I wish I could offer you some advice with the designing aspect but I don’t have a clue about writing code. Hehe! {good luck chica}

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